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Date : June 2017

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During these quieter winter months, itís an ideal time to spruce up your home, and painting is a very effective way to redecorate and add life to your rooms. Whilst painting can cause a bit of disruption to a busy family home, and cause disruption to the daily routine, it is well worth the inconvenience.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
How to enjoy wallpapering success and avoid the perils!

Date : May 2017

Author : Admin

Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice for decorating. It can add instant colour and impact to your home décor. However, with so many designs and wallpaper trends available how do you choose the one that is right for you?


Panache painting and Decorating Services
How to prepare an internal wall for painting

Date : March 2017

Author : Admin

Letís face it, everyone appreciates the look and feel of a freshly painted room. Whether itís the ultra-smooth walls of the formal lounge, a beautiful room with colours that warm or trimmings that "popĒ - thereís something satisfying about a just-like-new painted room.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
How to give your house a new look from the inside out

Date : January 2017

Author : Admin

There is no doubt about it, as mentioned in our previous blog street appeal is critical to selling a house, but what about the inside of your home. After all, itís inside where we really live.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
"So, you don't want to leave the neighbourhood, but your house is just.. well, tired!"

Date : December 2016

Author : Admin

Have you lost that loving feeling you first had when you moved into your home? Is it time to move, or could it be you need to learn to love your home again? Before you make the choice to move, let our team at Panache Painting and Decorating give you a couple of tips which could breathe life into your home exterior and help you to love your home again.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space for Summer

Date : November 2016

Author : Admin

Spring has sprung and summer will soon be upon us. Are you ready for summer fun and entertaining in your backyard? Us Aussies love our outdoors. Whether it be sipping a cold one on the back deck, playing a game of backyard cricket, or having some friends over for a BBQ in your outdoor entertainment area. Let us at Panache Painting and Decorating give you a couple of tips on how to spruce up your outdoor space this year.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
Tips for getting just the right colour for your home exterior

Date : Oct 2016

Author : Admin

Updating the exterior of your home can be an overwhelming task. Itís a big undertaking that will likely define your home for the next ten or more years. At Panache Painting and Decorating we understand just how daunting this can be,


Panache painting and Decorating Services
Painting Your Home for Resale

Date : Sept 2016

Author : Admin

When it comes to selling your house, creating a great first impression is essential to attracting potential buyers to your property. At Panache Painting and Decorating let us help you with some simple improvements that can make a big difference.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
Safe Painting Practices

Date : Aug 2016

Author : Admin

With any painting job there are all sorts of potential pitfalls or dangers. From poor preparation, to choosing the wrong product or even an incorrect paint finish for your room. At Panache Painting and Decorating we are committed to making sure that you have a great result that you will be able to enjoy for many, many years.


Panache painting and Decorating Services
"Itís cheaper to do it yourselfĒ Myth

Date : July 2016

Author : Admin

Weíve all heard it said. Perhaps you have uttered these words yourself at some point. We think itís cheaper to paint ourselves than to acquire the services of a professional.


Choosing the Right Paint for your Surface

Date : May 2016

Author : Admin

Do you have a door that needs a new lease of life? Perhaps the frame of a mirror needs freshening up? Maybe the timber ceiling is ready for a splash of colour or the metal outdoor furniture is ready for a bold change?

Most surfaces allow you to paint over them and bring your vision into reality, but did you know that not all paints go over every surface? The type of surface you are painting has a significant impact on deciding which paint to use for any given project.

Panache painting and Decorating Services
Simple steps to getting the right look

Date : April 2016

Author : Admin

Tired of looking at the same patchy, dusty, or dated paint on your walls? Are you ready to throw on some paint and give your house a new lease of life? Perhaps you have built a new extension and youíre ready to paint those fresh new walls? Once youíve prepared the walls for painting, itís easy right?

At Panache Painting and Decorating Service we have over 20 years of experience and even with the best preparation we know there are some simple steps which we can take to ensure you get the look you are looking for.

Painting a Rendered Wall is Easy!

Date : March 2016

Author : Admin

Painting a rendered wall is easy. Open a tin of paint and splash it on, and your tired looking house exterior has a new lease of life. If only this was so simple. Without the right preparation, even the right choice of colour and paint wonít save your exterior from a mediocre finish that will need repainting much sooner than you would like.

When painting your rendered wall, preparation is everything.

Before you pick up a paint brush it is recommended you inspect the rendered wall. Have cracks appeared over time? Are there areas which need to be repaired? Is there mould or moss which needs scraping away? If you are painting a newly rendered wall, there is also the importance of making sure the wall has had sufficient time to dry. Failure to let the water evaporate from a newly rendered wall can result in water being trapped behind the paint, leaving the potential for cracking, damp or bubbling of paint.

Special Paint Finishes

Date : February 2016

Author : Admin

If you have ever flicked through an interior design magazine or watched a renovation show then you have most likely found that feature wall or special finish that caught your eye. At their best they make a room pop. They express something of your own unique style and they can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary space.

You might be drawn to a feature wall with vertical strips or a bold colour. You might have something else in mind. There are endless possibilities from a chalkboard finish or stone effect to the shimmer of a wall with gold and silver crystals. Whatever your preference, special finishes standout and and become talking points of your room design.

The Trademarks of Quality Paint (and Why You Should Care)

Date : November 2015

Author : Admin

It sometimes feels like selecting the right colour is the only important aspect of choosing paint for a house. While this is certainly important for your homeís décor, the quality of the paint should be considered just as seriously. Hereís a brief look at what makes a paint high quality (and why you should never choose less than the best!).


How to Prepare Your Interior for Painting

Date : October 2015

Author : Admin

Are your walls and ceiling about to undergo a transformation? While the Panache team is happy to take care of preparation for you, there are some things you can do to make the project even easier (and quicker!). This advice would also be helpful if youíre planning on doing the painting yourself, but there are 3 reasons you should reconsider and hire us instead.

Here are the key steps you can take to help the painting process go smoothly.


Choosing the right paint colour for your interior

Date : August 2015

Author : Admin

They say a fresh coat of paint can make a room look brand new. Itís true Ė painting an entire house can transform it from utterly mundane to a haven of inspiration. A dab of paint can also raise property value and help a home for sale or rent go quickly on its way! Or, a fresh coat can simply make you feel more at home in your own home Ė lifting your mood and productivity. But painting a house is no simple task Ė although the end product is rewarding, it requires some serious planning.

It all starts with choosing the perfect colours. The colours should flow seamlessly throughout the entire house and be pleasing to the eye. No one likes a messy paint job!

Why Hiring a Professional Painter for Your House Is a Wise Decision

Date : July 2015

Author : Admin

"Anyone can paint, right? Itís easy, isnít it?Ē

If youíre asking yourself questions like these, painting your house is probably on your to-do list. You might be wondering if it would be better to call in a professional residential painter rather than doing it yourself. Maybe you should listen to the little voice in the back of your head when it suggests you give this job a miss.

Still on the fence about committing to a DIY paint project? Here are three great reasons to drop the paintbrush and pick up the phone.

Panache painting and Decorating Services
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