Choosing the right paint colour for your interior

blogAug - Choosing the right paint colour for your interiorThey say a fresh coat of paint can make a room look brand new. It’s true – painting an entire house can transform it from utterly mundane to a haven of inspiration. A dab of paint can also raise property value and help a home for sale or rent go quickly on its way! Or, a fresh coat can simply make you feel more at home in your own home – lifting your mood and productivity. But painting a house is no simple task – although the end product is rewarding, it requires some serious planning.

It all starts with choosing the perfect colours. The colours should flow seamlessly throughout the entire house and be pleasing to the eye. No one likes a messy paint job!

Popular colours for interiors are white, cream, and beige – it’s hard to go wrong, they’re timeless. However, while whites and creams may achieve a crisp, clean look, the walls may not stay clean for long! How about beige or tones of grey? What about jazzing it up with aqua or airy tones of blue? Have you considered a feature wall in each of the bedrooms?

See the Panache Painting photo gallery for inspiration.

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