Choosing the Right Paint for your Surface

may 1 - Choosing the Right Paint for your SurfaceDo you have a door that needs a new lease of life? Perhaps the frame of a mirror needs freshening up? Maybe the timber ceiling is ready for a splash of colour or the metal outdoor furniture is ready for a bold change?

Most surfaces allow you to paint over them and bring your vision into reality, but did you know that not all paints go over every surface? The type of surface you are painting has a significant impact on deciding which paint to use for any given project.

Whilst wood will easily soak up many paints, there can be the challenge of how to remove any previous layers of paint, and it is not always easy to achieve a smooth surface before the application of a new paint. When it comes to tiles, many paints will slide right off without the right preparation and layering of paint. Metal surfaces can take paint well, but without removal of rust and the right preparation the surfaces can end up looking uneven.

may 2 - Choosing the Right Paint for your SurfaceWhat about the bricks on the fireplace surround? Whilst clean bricks will take paint, other issues arise with a project like this. Which primer to use? How do you block any soot stains on the brick from coming through and how do you prevent the heat of the fire from damaging your freshly painted surface?

Concrete is a surface which is often ignored, and yet with the right paint and preparation, can bring a significant lift to your home or office.

may3 - Choosing the Right Paint for your SurfaceWith our professional staff at Panache Painting and Decorating, you need not worry about the challenges each surface throws up. Our team understands the preparation required and the best choice of products for any surface you are wanting to freshen up, or give a new lease of life to. Give us a call and we would be delighted to provide you with an obligation free quote on preparing and painting just about any surface.

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