DIY vs Hiring a Professional Painter – is it worth it?

Panache Painting Sydney DIY vs Professional 01 - DIY vs Hiring a Professional Painter - is it worth it?

With the rise in popularity of home renovation programs on television, perhaps you are tempted to DIY when it comes to painting your own home. It looks like a pretty simple, straightforward task, right? Well, before you rush out to buy paint, let’s consider if it is really worth it….


  •  If you are one of those people who love painting and gain immense satisfaction from completing a project yourself, then tackling the task of painting your home may be right for you. However, most people are time-poor due to work and family responsibilities. Time equals life, and so it’s not always about saving money but about preserving your leisure time to do the things you really enjoy. Many people find that just cleaning and basic maintenance eats into their leisure time enough without taking on the bigger job of painting.
  • The estimated savings you may make will also depend on how well-equipped you are. By the time you purchase protection sheets and drop cloths, scrapers and sanding equipment, paint brushes and rollers, drip trays and extension poles, ladders, scaffolding and other accessories you may find that the money saved on labour is not such a significant matter after all. Especially once you take into account the cost of your own time. If you are a novice painter, you may find the job will take you twice as long as hiring a professional who will be very efficient in comparison.
  • Preparing and cleaning the surface correctly can be time consuming before you even open a tin of paint and is absolutely necessary to avoid having to maintain or re-do the job sooner than you had anticipated.
  • Professional painters have appropriate safety equipment to minimise the risks to keep your family, and themselves, safe when handling dangerous situations such as dealing with solvents, dust and poisonous lead paints that are often found on older houses, or having to reach high or hard to access areas.
  • Less stress as they can take care of everything from moving furniture, removing pictures and home decorations from walls to sourcing the right quantities of quality paint mixed correctly in your chosen colour, not to mention the clean-up and disposal afterwards. They can also recommend colour choices based on their experience and good judgment to understand the effect of natural lighting in the rooms of your home.
  • Less mess as they can provide a superb finish by using the best techniques to ensure a full coverage across different surfaces, with neat clean lines and edges while knowing how to avoid splashing paint that can prove hard to remove.

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