Fun Paint Ideas for your Kid’s Room – a great holiday project

panache painting decorating sydney interior painter - Fun Paint Ideas for your Kid's Room – a great holiday projectAre you looking for inspiration for a fun practical activity these holidays?

Redecorating your child’s room is the perfect opportunity to encourage them to get involved in something creative that takes them away from the all-consuming screen! It’s a great holiday project where they can learn some practical life skills, have some fun in the process and reap the enjoyment when the task is completed. Here’s some creative ideas to spark their imagination.

It’s important to create a space that they like to spend time in as their bedroom serves as a place for them to sleep, play, work and retreat to for some quiet time when the need arises. It ought to be a room that reflects their personality, so what better way to ensure this than to incorporate their ideas and allow them to take part in creating a room that is stylish and fun, plus functional and comfortable at the same time.

You could either let their imagination run wild or look online at various website’s such as Pinterest to get an idea of the type of room they like, including the colour schemes and decorating elements they prefer.

You will discover there are a myriad of choices suited to different ages, genders and interests. If you have two children that share the same room, but have quite diverse decorating styles, then a fun idea is to decorate one half of the room to suit one child and the other half to suit the other – giving both children the opportunity to show off their individuality!

With their “likes” in hand, it’s time to visit the paint store together to collect some colour cards or tester paint pots. It’s a good idea to tape or apply the samples to your child’s bedroom walls and allow them to sit back and visualise what it would be like to live with these colours.

If time is of the essence, or you’d prefer the painting professionals to take over once the decorating ideas and colour selections have been decided on, why not give our friendly team a call at Panache Painting & Decorating Services Sydney. We’re family people ourselves and appreciate the importance of encouraging children to be involved in practical life skill projects around the home.

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