How to prepare an internal wall for painting

Panache Painting Decorating Wall Painting Preparation - How to prepare an internal wall for painting

Let’s face it, everyone appreciates the look and feel of a freshly painted room. Whether it’s the ultra-smooth walls of the formal lounge, a beautiful room with colours that warm or trimmings that “pop” – there’s something satisfying about a just-like-new painted room.

What is the key to success. Preparation (every time)! Professional painters stress the importance of putting in the time and effort in the preparatory stage of any painting project, no matter how large or small the job may be, to ensure an impressive result.

Our team of Sydney painters, at Panache Painting, have put together some general tips on how to prep an internal wall for painting.

  • Firstly, it’s helpful to clear the room by removing all furniture, or position furniture at least two metres from the desired wall. Also, remove everything from the wall itself, such as pictures, nails, hooks and other wall attachments.
  • Dents, and other irregularities need to be filled, smoothed over with a putty knife and let harden.
  • Some people sand back or wash large sections of the wall to increase the quality of the finished product.
  • Strive for a quality sharp paint line at wall edges and around fixed features (e.g. power-points and windows). This is one reason for removing picture rails before painting, and then re-attaching them later, therefore the difficulty of that sharp line along the edges is avoided.
  • Before you start to put primer on the wall, protect the floor from paint drops with a secured drop sheet.
  • For unpainted or filled surfaces, it’s important to select the right primer for the right surface, plus the right grade.
  • Before purchasing paint, why not re-read our blog “The Trademarks of Quality Paint (And Why You Should Care).” After all, a painted wall will last ten years, and a quality job soon repays your eye!
  • Remember bringing that wall to a slick quality finish can be a continual cycle of paint, check, fill, sand, paint…

If you are planning on repainting a room, or the whole house for that matter, simply call us at Panache Painting and Decoration Services, ph: (02) 8068 2715. Our team of painting experts specialise in interior and exterior house painting here in Sydney.