Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

panache painting and decorating services sydney hiring a professional painter - Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting ContractorA professional painter can save you a lot of time, money and stress, as well as provide you with a quality paint job that increases the value of your property and stands the test of time. So, how do you ensure that the professional painter you contract is going to give you the result you are looking for?

One of the best ways to find a quality painting contractor is to ask your friends, family, neighbours or acquaintances, who have had a positive experience with the contractor they used. In addition, it is a good idea to obtain identical quotes from at least three different contractors.


The following is a check-list of questions to ask: –
  • How long have they been licensed? Ask them to verify their appropriate licence and check that it is still current.
  • How many painters will be working on the project and what is their level of experience? View a recent project to check the skills of the crew, if possible.
  • Do they have painters’ insurance and what does it cover? Obtain a copy of the painter’s liability and worker’s compensation insurance certificates.
  • Can they provide references? Call previous clients to find out about their experience – a history of positive references is a good sign.
  • Do they offer written guarantees for their work? If a warranty is offered, establish if it covers labour and materials. Make sure you receive a written copy by the conclusion of the job.
  • How much preparation work is included in the quote? How many undercoats and finish coats will they do? How will they protect your property while working? E.g. plants, furniture and fixtures.
  • What kind of clean-up and disposal is included?
  • Do they use high quality paint products?
  • When will the work be started and completed?

Seek a written estimate from each contractor, which should include a breakdown of material costs, the brand of paint used, and a detailed description of the work to be carried out.

Before the work begins, obtain a written contract detailing the work to be done. It should also contain the contractor’s key information: name, address, phone numbers, licence number, ABN and payment conditions.

Spring is a perfect time to spruce things up around the home and there is nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to give your home a new lease of life.

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