Increase Your Street Appeal – Handy Tips for Painting the Fence

panache painting sydney residential painters sydney - Increase Your Street Appeal - Handy Tips for Painting the FenceNow that the holiday season is over, it’s the perfect time to catch up on a few maintenance jobs around the home.

The fence at the front of your home is literally an extension to the façade of the house and has a major influence on the street appeal of your property. Therefore, a freshly painted well-maintained fence not only provides security and privacy, it also adds value and style to your home.

Like any maintenance project, preparation is critical to success. Begin by mowing and trimming the edge of the grass along the fence line. Trim back shrubs that are touching the fence and make any necessary repairs. Your fence then needs to be cleaned with the correct products and cleaning method to avoid damaging the surface, whether it is timber, brick or render. If you are uncertain how to do this, consider calling Panache Painting & Decorating Services, residential and commercial Sydney painters. We’ll have your fence looking like new in no time!

Whether you stain or paint your timber fence, both treatments will protect it from the harsh sun and environmental elements. Wood stains generally need to be applied every couple of years, or possibly sooner, depending on how quickly the colour fades exposing the timber to splitting and decay.

If using a paint, an acrylic is a better option over oil-based paint because acrylics have a much higher elasticity rate so that when the timber expands and contracts with the weather, the paint moves without cracking.

When it comes to common brick fencing, this is probably one of the easiest to maintain. Once a year use a garden hose to remove any loose dirt. If there are signs of moss or mould soak the bricks with water and apply a mild solution of bleach diluted with water (refer specific instructions on the bottle), with a bristle brush to clean.

If, on the other hand your brick fence is looking a bit of an eyesore out the front, bagging and then painting may be a good solution. Alternatively, you could also consider having your brick fence professionally stained. A brick stain penetrates the pores of the brick instead of simply sitting on the surface like paint. Feel free to give us a call here at Panache Painting & Decorating Services for some expert advice on the best options for your fence.

Let’s face it, painting a fence is unlikely to be the highest priority on people’s list of fun weekend activities. So, if you’re lacking inspiration to get the chore done, or simply have better things to do on the weekend, why not use the services of professional house painters Sydney, Panache Painting & Decorating Services. We’ll spruce up your fence in no time, adding value and style to your property. Contact us today for an obligation free quote, or phone Steve, 0421 174 103 for all your house painting Sydney requirements.