Painting a Rendered Wall is Easy!

Painting a rendered wall is easy. Open a tin of paint and splash it on, and your tired looking house exterior has a new lease of life. If only this was so simple. Without the right preparation, even the right choice of colour and paint won’t save your exterior from a mediocre finish that will need repainting much sooner than you would like.

When painting your rendered wall, preparation is everything.

Before you pick up a paint brush it is recommended you inspect the rendered wall. Have cracks appeared over time? Are there areas which need to be repaired? Is there mould or moss which needs scraping away? If you are painting a newly rendered wall, there is also the importance of making sure the wall has had sufficient time to dry. Failure to let the water evaporate from a newly rendered wall can result in water being trapped behind the paint, leaving the potential for cracking, damp or bubbling of paint.

Once you have inspected your rendered wall, there are some basic steps to prepare the wall. In the case of an older wall it is common to have a dirty or dusty appearance which is important to have smoothed over prior to painting. Even newly rendered walls can look this way if there has been a slightly incorrect mix in the mortar. Whether new or old, all you need is a broom or stiff brush and scrub the wall. The aim is to remove any of the dust or sand which could come through once the wall is painted.

After cleaning off the surface we recommend painting the entire surface with a good primer. Even with the dust and sand removed it may be difficult for your paint to adhere to the rendered wall, so the application of a good primer and stabiliser is essential in preparing your wall for painting.

Now, you are ready to paint.

At Panache Painting and Decorating we are committed to ensuring you have the best results that will last on your next project. The hard and time consuming work of proper preparation is essential to your best painting result. Our team understand that your rendered wall needs more than a tin of paint splashed on it if you are to enjoy a high quality finish for years to come. Give us a call and we would be delighted to provide you with an obligation free quote on preparing and painting your house exterior.

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