Simple steps to getting the right look

Tired of looking at the same patchy, dusty, or dated paint on your walls? Are you ready to throw on some paint and give your house a new lease of life? Perhaps you have built a new extension and you’re ready to paint those fresh new walls? Once you’ve prepared the walls for painting, it’s easy right?

At Panache Painting and Decorating Service we have over 20 years of experience and even with the best preparation we know there are some simple steps which we can take to ensure you get the look you are looking for.

Choose your colour carefully.

Our choice of colour is more than simply a matter of aesthetics – what looks attractive. There are the obvious considerations around personal style, furnishings in the room, the size of room and there is also how the colour makes you feel. If it is an exterior paint, what first impression are you trying to create. If it’s a dining room are you wanting colours with red to stimulate conversation and appetite, or do you prefer the cooler colours such as blues, greens and lavenders which are more liking to have a calming effect.

At Panache it is our pleasure to offer suggestions on colours and textures which best reflect the feel you are looking for in your room.

Once you have an idea of which colour palate you want to use, we recommend you try some samples on your wall. Colours are impacted by the light they are exposed to and what looked perfect on the paint chips may be less so when it’s on your wall. Learn the different light variables of your room and observe how your choice of colour responds. Taking a little time here can result in the long lasting satisfaction of knowing you got the look just right.

If you are ready to give you house a new lease of life, we invite you to give us a call at Panache Painting and Decoration Services and we would be delighted to provide you with an obligation free quote on any of your painting needs.

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