Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space for Summer

spruce up your outdoor space for summer - Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space for SummerSpring has sprung and summer will soon be upon us. Are you ready for summer fun and entertaining in your backyard? Us Aussies love our outdoors. Whether it be sipping a cold one on the back deck, playing a game of backyard cricket, or having some friends over for a BBQ in your outdoor entertainment area. Let us at Panache Painting and Decorating give you a couple of tips on how to spruce up your outdoor space this year.

Of course you can reseal the deck, trim the hedges and hose down the patio, but we’ve got a few ideas to help make your outdoor space stand out.

One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic improvement to your outdoor space is to add a few splashes of colour. After you’ve pressure washed the deck and outdoor furniture, why not introduce some bold colours? Don’t simply go for white on that old wicker furniture, but look for a colour which brings your personality to this space.

Grab a seat and take in what your guests are looking at. Is there a shabby looking shed which could do with a freshening up? It might be time to move away from the green or brown. Perhaps add some plants, a colourful ice bucket, or some lighting to border your outdoor space? Give your guests some interesting objects to look at.

Try something a little different. Perhaps add a chalkboard to your outdoor area. It’s a great way to leave messages, say welcome to our home, or keep score in the backyard cricket.

Then there is the issue of storage. It doesn’t have to be expensive to find a great storage solution. Why not check out a garage sale or go to your local second hand store and see if you can find a couple of old wooden chests? A little bit of sanding, a fresh coat of paint, plus a couple of cushions ( in water proof fabric of course) and you’ve got somewhere to throw the sports equipment, backgammon set, or a couple of blankets should the weather turn a bit chilly. Not only that, you’ve got a couple of extra seats.

When it comes to your outdoor space, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. At Panache Painting and Decorating we would be delighted to chat to you about ways in which you can make your good outdoor space great this summer.

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