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Summer Painting Tips for your Outdoor Area

Summer is upon us and the Christmas/New Year holiday season is knocking at the door!

Outdoor living and home entertaining is part of our Aussie culture. With longer days and ambient temperatures our backyards become an extension of our living area, where families and friends gather together to celebrate the holiday season.

Are you prepared? Is your outdoor entertaining area ready for action?

Here’s some simple tips to help spruce up your outdoor area.

  • Give everything a good clean; wash down the exterior of your house, windows, concrete, decking, patio furniture and barbecue area.
  • Does your deck need some TLC? A simple way to achieve a new look without changing your current décor is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Sun and heat can warp and crack timber surfaces over time, so repainting helps seal and protect your deck from the elements.
  • Do you have a favourite colour or theme? Why not be adventurous and boldly utilise a colour you love, to accent your outdoor area? You could repaint your back door, or paint a feature wall, then incorporate the same colour with specific décor pieces that co-ordinate well with the rest of your space.
  • How does your outdoor furniture look? You can revamp it, rather than replace it, with a new coat of paint too.
  • To guarantee a long-lasting finish, it’s imperative to use the correct product for the material you are intending to paint – whether it is timber, concrete, tiles or metal.
  • You will also need to prepare surfaces correctly before you paint. For example, to give a sound base for repainting peeling paint, it should first be scraped and lightly sanded.
  • The outside temperature can also affect the finished product, so be sure to read the label on your paint tin, which provides advice on the most ideal weather conditions for painting. If the temperature is too hot, dipping your paint brush in a small amount of water can assist the flow of water-based paint, helping prevent brush strokes from forming if the paint dries too quickly.

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