The Trademarks of Quality Paint (and Why You Should Care)

It sometimes feels like selecting the right colour is the only important aspect of choosing paint for a house. While this is certainly important for your home’s décor, the quality of the paint should be considered just as seriously. Here’s a brief look at what makes a paint high quality (and why you should never choose less than the best!).

The Traits of Quality Paint

The Panache Painting team only works with the best supplies available, which is why our commercial painters Sydney choose Dulux and Resene. When we’re selecting our paint, we look for a number of characteristics, including:

  • A high percentage of prime, hiding pigments (e.g. titanium dioxide) and a lower percentage of extender pigments (e.g. calcium carbonate, silica and clay)
  • Strong and reliable binders (these are essential for the paint’s longevity as they hold the pigments together after the surface is dry)
  • The right amount of solvents or thinners
  • A generous number of additives.
Why Is Choosing Quality Paint Important?

As with many things, the superior version comes with a slightly higher price tag. In the case of paint, the extra quality is worth every cent because the right choice will save you money and time in the long run. High-quality paint will last longer and will still look fantastic years after inferior paints have begun to dull, flake or otherwise deteriorate.

A great paint is also easier to apply, which means you (or your professional painting team!) can get the job done more quickly and with less hassle.

Handy Tip!

If you’re ever doing a DIY paint job, there’s a simple way you can test the quality of your paint before applying it. Give the can of paint a decent shake and then dip in one finger and your thumb. When you rub the two together, take note of the texture. Smooth is good; gritty is not. The difference comes from the pigments used – those of a high quality can be ground to a much finer extent than their lesser counterparts.

If you’re looking for painters in Sydney, count on a company that only uses the best materials. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote.