When Did You Last Paint Your Commercial Premises?

Panache Painting Sydney Painters Commercial Painting 300x197 - When Did You Last Paint Your Commercial Premises?

If you are struggling to remember when, then it’s probably time to have a makeover. Both the exterior and interior of your business premises are a large part of the image that you are projecting to the world.



Consider the following points to evaluate whether it’s time to freshen up your image or even give your business a total new look!




  • A well-maintained, professionally painted building featuring bright/smart coloured branding exudes energy and a professional “can-do” attitude, which goes a long way towards attracting new customers through the door. By comparison, premises with dated or faded paintwork look tired and struggling, which is a major deterrent for attracting potential customers.
  • If keeping with your brand colours is not important, you may find that painting your business in a trending colour palette will spark new interest and have a positive impact on both existing and potential customers.
  • You will not only improve the aesthetics of your building with a fresh coat of paint, but when you employ the services of Panache Painting & Decorating, commercial painters Sydney, our team will fix all your surface imperfections and bring a new lease of life to your business, which will in turn increase the value of your commercial space.
  • Preventative maintenance and repainting surfaces regularly are more cost-effective than allowing paintwork to deteriorate to the degree that it becomes a major job.
  • The simple act of repainting your commercial premises not only looks good; it’s also likely to boost staff productivity. For many people their workplace is where they spend the majority of their daytime hours – almost like their second home. Creating an environment that’s visually appealing and pleasant to work intends to motivate staff. They take more pride in their work and in turn produce better results for the business.

Panache Painting & Decorating Services have a wealth of experience in commercial painting Sydney and are qualified to give advice for attaining the right vibe and image for your workplace.  We use state-of-the-art paint application equipment, high quality paint products as well as the latest techniques to provide you with a professional seamless finish. We work to strict time frames to minimise disruption to your business operation and, if possible, can work outside of business hours. Contact us today and allow us to bring new life to your business with a fresh coat of paint!  Phone: 02 80682715, or Steve: Mobile: 0421 174 103