When’s the right time to paint your rental property?

panache painting decorating sydney commercial painter sydney - When's the right time to paint your rental property?The incentive for owning a rental property is two-fold, i.e. for the rental return and the projected long-term capital gain. However, as with any major investment you need to look after it to ensure a viable ROI.

Not only does a fresh coat of paint add extra appeal to potential renters, it’s integral to maintaining your asset. There is no specific time-line for painting a rental, however it very much depends on the wear and tear of the property, it’s age and the quality of workmanship and materials used. Whether you decide to do the job yourself or hand it over to a professional painter Sydney such as Panache Painting & Decorating, it’s important to time it right.

Although not always possible, the perfect time to give your property a new lease of life is to coincide with a change of tenancy. After all a vacant property is much easier to paint without having to work around furniture and personal belongings.

Benefits of a new paint job:
  • Competitive Edge: When it comes to re-letting your property, there is nothing more appealing than a freshly painted home reflecting a sense of newness and cleanliness; compared to one that’s run-down and unwelcoming.
  • Helps attract quality tenants, enabling you to maximise your rental return in what is a highly competitive market here in Sydney, where the demand exceeds the supply.
  • Condition Report – It’s easier for both the tenant and the landlord to complete the report prior to occupancy when the place is clean and freshly painted, plus it’s easier to see any damage thereafter.
  • Rental renewal incentive – a fresh coat of paint could give a reliable tenant the incentive to renew. Also, when they have pride in their home, they take better care of it. A win-win for you too!
Here’s some helpful tips for repainting your rental property:
  • Before re-painting – repair nicks, scuffs and holes in the walls or ceilings to achieve a durable seamless finish.
  • Avoid paint patch-ups as the new paint will be noticeably brighter and cleaner than the older paint.
  • Colour Scheme – choose neutral colours that exude a spacious modern clean look.
  • Quality & finish – selecting the right paint for purpose effects the durability and longevity of the paintwork. Inferior choices can result in dull poor coverage.

Unless you have lots of painting experience, hiring a professional painting service Sydney is a wise decision. Panache Painting & Decorating’s team of painting contractors can take care of all your commercial and residential painting needs. We’ll save you time and provide a professional painting service second to none at a great price. Click here for free quote, or contact us today – 0421 174 103