Why paint colour is more than just aesthetics!

Panache Painting And Decorating Painter Sydney Paint Colours thumb - Why paint colour is more than just aesthetics!Beauty plays a significant role in our lives and one of the most common places people seek to surround themselves with beauty is their home. Magazines and Pinterest are popular sources of inspiration to this end. After dealing with the stresses of people and demands at work, a beautiful home can be a peaceful haven to rest and restore your soul at the end of the day.


It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but it is also true that when it comes to the interior and exterior colour scheme of your home, there is “more to beauty than meets the eye”. Every room in your home serves a different function and choosing the right colours can complement the purpose of the room. Each colour has a psychological value and can influence your emotions, so it is wise to consider the effect of various paint colours and what type of feelings you might like to evoke in each room of your home.


When choosing which palette you might use from the colour wheel, keep in mind that pastel shades or light toned colours provide an illusion of space whereas dark sophisticated colours create an intimate cosy atmosphere: –


  • Softer shades of blue can create a cool, calm effect and are considered to boost concentration and encourage productivity; however dark blue can evoke feelings of sadness.
  • Green hues are restful and refreshing; also thought to encourage tranquillity and good health.
  • Yellow is usually considered a happy, cheerful colour that energises and uplifts.
  • Red and orange are intense colours that encourage appetite and can raise the energy levels in a room.
  • Purple creates a luxurious, rich and dramatic mood, whereas the lighter shades of lavender or lilac are considered to calm, relax and induce sleep; similar to blue but without feeling cool.
  • Crimson is best avoided if your aim is to create a peaceful, harmonious mood as this colour often evokes emotions of irritability and hostility!
  • Neutral colours in shades of black, grey, brown and white take their turn at trending.

Unless you are having your home painted ready for sale, it is more important to paint your home according to your personal preference rather than following the current trends.


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