Why Painting your Commercial Building is a Smart Investment All – round
(Commercial Painting Sydney)

We’re all very familiar with the saying ‘first impressions count’ and this is especially the case when running a successful business.

Having a well-maintained building makes good business sense, especially the paintwork, which gives customers their first impression of your business. Last year, in a previous blog “A Professional Interior Paint Finish” we discussed the importance of providing a positive interior environment for both clients and staff. Let’s now consider why painting the exterior of your commercial building is also a smart investment.

The outside condition of your premises serves as a giant billboard and will impact on how potential customers perceive your business. Therefore, it’s important that you keep it visually appealing and in pristine condition. A healthy professional image portrays authenticity and confidence to customers, which in turn results in business growth.

Investing in a professional paint job is also a cost-effective way to maintain and improve the value of your property itself. Over time paint colour fades and fine cracks appear. Repainting surfaces regularly prevents deterioration to the point of needing a major overhaul.

So, what better time, before the end of the financial year, to spruce up the exterior of your building and enhance your brand identity so you stand out from your competitors.

Panache Painting and Decorating specialise in commercial painting Sydney and are renown for delivering quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Our services cater to all interior and exterior painting requirements for corporate offices, retail outlets, hotels, motels, restaurant and property management.

With years of experience as commercial and domestic painting contractors Sydney, our team is extremely knowledgeable in what colours and finishes work well to achieve specific outcomes for our clients. We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art paint application equipment, resulting in seamless finish quality and reduced paint consumption. This also provides our valued customers with substantial cost and energy savings as opposed to attempting to DIY.

We understand time is money and therefore work to strict time frames to ensure the project is completed on schedule with minimal disruption to your business operation. In fact, where possible we do the work outside of business hours.

If you are looking for outstanding workmanship at a competitive price, then contact Panache Painting & Decorating Services for a free quote. We guarantee to provide a professional paint job to help your commercial building look its best and stand out from the crowd!

Take a look at our previous projects – Sydney painters in our gallery so you can see our amazing workmanship for yourself!

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