“So, you don’t want to leave the neighbourhood, but your house is just.. well, tired!”

panache painting sydney revamping home exterior - "So, you don't want to leave the neighbourhood, but your house is just.. well, tired!"Have you lost that loving feeling you first had when you moved into your home? Is it time to move, or could it be you need to learn to love your home again? Before you make the choice to move, let our team at Panache Painting and Decorating give you a couple of tips which could breathe life into your home exterior and help you to love your home again.

Take a good look at your street appeal.

Start with basic maintenance. Pressure wash the driveway. Spread some mulch on the garden and clear away the cobwebs. Some very simple maintenance can give your house a freshen up.

Then there is your landscaping. This is more than a trim of the hedge and running the mower over the lawn. Have you asked the question of whether your landscaping plan actually matches your house? If your house reflects a regional style, are there plants which do the same? Consider the colours of flowers and how they marry up with your house colour, or how the shape of your plants compliment the shape or your home. Of course, even with the best design, you will still need to make sure you pull out the weeds and dead plants if you want to breathe life back into your front yard.

Your entrance is naturally a focal point for your house. Choose a colour for your door that compliments your home, but also pops. A bold red is a confident colour saying welcome, there is fun inside, whilst a cooler green or blue suggests calm. Repainting your front door is the easiest way to update your curb appeal. Consider placing some tall pot plants either side of the door as well, or place a bench seat near the entrance. This is often the first impression for your home.

Then there is the issue of storage. It doesn’t have to be expensive to find a great storage solution. Why not check out a garage sale or go to your local second hand store and see if you can find a couple of old wooden chests? A little bit of sanding, a fresh coat of paint, plus a couple of cushions ( in water proof fabric of course) and you’ve got somewhere to throw the sports equipment, backgammon set, or a couple of blankets should the weather turn a bit chilly. Not only that, you’ve got a couple of extra seats.

Perhaps you are ready to freshen up the paint on your home exterior. Have a read of our October 2016 blog on “Tips for getting just the right colour for your home exterior” for ideas on what to consider when choosing a colour palette.

At Panache Painting and Decorating we would love to help you fall in love with your home again. Book an obligation free quote with us and let our team of experts help you find that fresh look you are after.Contact us today!

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