How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish

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If you’ve been dreaming about updating the colour scheme inside your home, then it’s time to call Sydney house painters, Panache Painting & Decorating. We can advise you on all aspects of domestic house painting to ensure your project is completed to the highest professional finish.

With modern mixing technology, we can help you achieve just the right shade to work in perfectly with the furnishings in your room. However, choosing the right colour paint is not the only aspect to consider; selecting the best paint finish will also have a major impact on the end result. Let’s look at the different finishes available and the particular benefits of each one:

  • Flat finish – has a non-reflective matte appearance which makes it great for hiding surface imperfections. It is usually chosen for ceilings and low traffic areas. It can look quite sophisticated, especially in “moody” colours, and can be very effective as a feature wall. Some flat paints are now marketed as washable, however it’s often more effective and just as easy to touch up scratches or marks by covering them with a little more paint when necessary.
  • Eggshell finish – has a soft low sheen appearance and is meant to emulate the finish of an eggshell. It can be a good choice for walls as it has the qualities of hiding flaws while also being easy to clean. Plus it’s often used for decorative finishes where a low lustre effect is desired.
  • Satin finish – has a smooth velvety look with a pearl-like glow and is the most popular choice for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms as it is formulated to be easy to clean and withstand a light scrubbing. Having more sheen and better washability than eggshell, it is often a good choice for woodwork and doors as well.
  • Semi-gloss finish – will give a subtle shine and is great for doors, skirtings, trims and windows, providing a durable surface that is easily cleaned. Rooms that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries are best painted in semi-gloss as they tolerate the damp environment better than lower-sheen paint.
  • High-gloss finish – will give a shiny, polished appearance and is very reflective. While it is not usually chosen for walls, it is stain-resistant, very easy to clean and is a popular choice in modern settings for furniture or cabinets, or to create a door feature.

Thorough surface preparation is always the key to the best outcome. The process of filling cracks and sanding, determining whether there’s a need for priming, sealant or undercoat through to selecting the correct paint products requires a certain level of professional expertise.  Therefore, hiring the services of a reputable interior house painter in Sydney is highly recommended as it will save you both time and money, and the job will be done correctly.

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