When was the last time you updated the interior look of your home? If it’s looking a little bit tired and you feel like freshening it up, you can easily accomplish a completely new look with a coat or two of paint. We want to show you that there’s so much more than just a new col-our! There are countless gorgeous, creative approaches to painting that can totally transform the interior of your home without you spending huge amounts on décor items or new furni-ture. Our painting professionals in Sydney predict these three trends which are set to be splashed on walls this year and are set to stay put for many more years to come.


Read on to find out about decorative colour trends for your home interior which are less about extreme hues and radical paint designs and more about extreme duration and classic longevity.


Our professional painters in Sydney have rounded up the following trend collection which boasts refreshing ideas, creative approaches and affordable designs:


Trend #1: Colours Which Bring The Outside In
This year will see home interiors possessing a natural aesthetic. Warm and cool whites will feature widely on walls complemented with accent colours picked from within nature. Calm-ing tones will connect the indoors to the outdoors and splashing different tones of green on your walls will create for a soothing and relaxing environment within the home – whether it’s a traditional or contemporary residence.


Trend #2: Gentle Tones To Create Calming Zones
Your mind is a busy place, but your interior spaces don’t have to be. This year it’s about turn-ing back the bright wall colours, overly-complicated colour patterns and wall aesthetics and creating calm, distraction-free zones with gentle, nurturing tones. Replace fussy painting techniques with minimalistic colours, soft wall surfaces, a soothing tonal palette and quiet colour accents. Tonality is key and avoiding overpowering colour schemes is important.


Trend #3: Colour Combos And Blending The Traditional With The Modern
In 2020, be confident in your ability to blend traditional colours with modern ones. Choosing colour combinations will separate the rookie from the confident this year. Those looking to spruce up their interior walls must start with two colours and then add colours one by one to attain the perfect combination. Remember here that less is more with this trend.


Whilst we have given you a few trending ideas, we have perfected the application of them as well, so give us a call so we can help you apply them in your home. For all interior and exte-rior painting tips and advice, and more trend predictions, contact our team of house painters in Sydney today on 0421 174 103.